Sprinkle Some of Your Kindness This Month

Taken by Tina Thao

Taken by Tina Thao

Random Act of Kindness Day is this month! It is going to take place on the 17th of February. It is a day to randomly show some kindness to anyone from teachers to parents to friends or even someone random. 


This day is more important than people may think it is. These little acts of random kindness can really brighten up someone’s day. It also helps people feel like they are important and cared for. In other ways, it encourages people to do the same for others almost like the butterfly effect. It may even have the same effect on the person who is doing the action.


Science teacher Elizabeth Hankins stated, “It makes you feel appreciated and happy and hopeful…Doing something even small makes someone else’s day and usually when it is unexpected.”


Junior Enrique Rodrigez also stated, “I feel pretty good, even more amazing when it’s someone I don’t know and it’s good to know others are open to other people in a positive way”.


There are many ways to show kindness like opening the door for someone or donating some clothes. Write someone a letter or a thank you note to those who may need it. You can also buy a friend or someone a snack or give them words of encouragement. Further examples can be making a new friend or picking up trash off the ground on campus. 


Rodrigez said, “After first period, I opened the gate for this girl so she could get in so she wouldn’t be late for second period.” This person must have felt pretty thankful for what Rodrigez did and may have impacted her whole day.


Junior Joseph Vang stated, “I give out gifts to people. If that doesn’t work then I just wish them a nice day and fist bump them.”


This one day can really bring up the livelihood of the PVHS campus and hopefully be more than just one day. 


There are many opportunities to show kindness and celebrate this day.


The Random Act of Kindness Foundation is holding its first coloring contest. People of all ages can participate with their families, friends, and classes. All the people who participate will get a free Random Act of Kindness sticker. They will be picking out five random winners to receive a hundred dollars worth of prizes. Please check it out in the link listed below with further information about the contest and random acts of kindness ideas. 


Even though it is only one day, remember to sprinkle it throughout the year too.

Random Act of Kindness Coloring Contest Information Link: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/