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Dear Destiny, How do I ask someone to Prom?

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Dear Destiny, 

I want to ask someone to Prom, but I don’t know how. What are some suggestions?


Head Over Heels 

Dear Head Over Heels, 

I think a lot of people are thinking about the same thing right now! As Prom Season gets closer and closer, a lot of us have people who we want to ask out to the biggest dance of the year, but everyone’s situation is unique. So, I have a couple different pieces of advice for you, depending on what your situation is like!

First, if you’re unsure about whether or not this person will say yes, like if they’re a crush for example, you can do what I call “feeling the vibe”, where you start with asking smaller, context-giving questions, like asking them if they plan on going to Prom at all. Then, you can ask them if they know yet if there’s anybody they want to go with. If the coast is clear, you have a couple options; you can make a more casual offer, like “I’m free if you’re free” or “I’m down if you want to go together”, you can phrase it like a suggestion, i.e “Then we should go to Prom together!”, or if you’re feeling extra bold, you can ask them out in a more direct tone, like “in that case, I’d really like to go to Prom with you!”. Every option has its pros and cons, so take into account the relationship you have with this person and how you think they’ll react. 

However, for some people, you might already know this person will want to go with you, like if you’re already close or they’re your significant other. In that case, your focus isn’t on if they’ll say yes or no, but in what elaborate way you want to ask them out. In that case, I have lots of ideas! There are always the tried-and-true methods, like giving them a classic gift such as a bouquet, stuffed animal, jewelry, or box of sweets along with a card or sign asking them to the dance, which is popular for a good reason: it’s super customizable to the person, because you can get them their favorite flowers, snacks, or even a plushie of their favorite animal! The possibilities are endless, and the thought and time put into tailoring it just for them is priceless. You can also try a surprise prom-prosal, like by making them a puzzle, mystery, or game to solve that says “Prom?” (If your person loves true crime or does the Wordle every day this might be the one for them!) or by sending a creative food delivery to them, like a pizza with a note that reads “I know this is cheesy but… Prom?”. If you have a special hobby or skill, lean into that too! For example, you could make your gift a customly bound book, a painting, or a poem; the options are endless. Finally, there’s always the most elaborate of proposals, like planning a whole date and then asking them to prom at the perfect moment, or decorating your car and writing a Prom-themed proposal along it (in washable writing!) and asking them if they want to go off campus for a nice lunch, and then taking them to your car. 

At the end of the day, there’s no one right way to ask a person out to Prom; however, the best ways, in my opinion, are the ones that take into consideration the personality and interests or the person you’re asking out, as well as your personality and interests. Maybe that means you’ll do something I listed above, or maybe you’ll use this as inspiration for your own way to do it. No matter what, I wish you luck, and have a happy Prom!

Lots of Love,


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