Spring Fling, Shaking Away the Winter!

As Winter comes to a close, the door to Spring is opening! As the flowers began to bloom, our school celebrated with the Spring Fling. This dance was held March 25 at the Butte Creek Country Club. This dance was a very fun way to kick off the final semester of this school year. Filled with lively music and celebration, everyone definitely enjoyed themselves that night.

The overall atmosphere of the dance could be described as lively, excited, bustling, and alive. To a bystander, it seemed to be that everybody was dancing and enjoying themselves. Attendees were all in their best semi-formal outfits that night, with girls wearing sparkly or colorful dresses, while boys wore suit jackets or vests (or the occasional pajama pants and top hat). During the dance, Kayla Tyson said, “Yeah, I am actually really enjoying myself…I love the vibe here and I can tell everyone is having fun!” 

The venue was very remarkable. The inside of the country club was filled with pretty tables, pleasurably decorated arches, fun balloons, and gorgeous flowers. If the music inside was too loud at some points, it was always nice to be able to sit outside on the provided chairs and look at the golf course. 

Another standout part of the dance was the music. The DJ played really lively and upbeat songs everyone knew. Some examples of songs played were: Low (Flo Rida), Lover (Taylor Swift), Baby (Justin Bieber

), Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus) and other widely popular songs. It was really fun to see people get really into the music, forming dance circles, jumping, and just having an overall good time.

After the dance Haley Atwood described, “I would rate it a 10/10, I thought the venue was really really nice and it was pretty. Everyone running it was very nice. It was also nice they had games there.” Some people’s favorite parts of the dance include: The catering, the people, the music, the staff, and the venue. 

The Spring Fling was the first ever dance that junior, Colin Finney, had ever been to. Finney stated, “It was fun! I liked being able to spend time with my friends and dressing up. It makes me want to attend more dances. I think my favorite part was the last dance; that was great! I really enjoyed seeing all the care and work that was clearly put into the dance and hope the quality of the other dances are the same.” This dance has clearly set the standards for all of the future dances and events to come. Student Government and the teacher advisors genuinely worked hard on this event and we are all truly grateful!  

The spring fling was a very remarkable way to kick off the spring season. With as huge as a mark this dance has made on many students, it brings excitement for what is to come. Remember to finish off this school year with as much excitement that was felt at the dance!