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The Relations Within Education

The Relations Within Education

Lydia Lugo, Co-Editor-In-Chief March 10, 2023

Education is taught and learned in unlimited ways and places. But, a common thread among all education is opportunity. The opportunity to learn, try, or strengthen a new skill, to work and grow with new...

We Not Me Basketball Game Unites Athletes

“We Not Me” Basketball Game Unites Athletes

Abigail Harrell, Editor March 10, 2023

On February 9, PVHS held the We Not Me basketball game. The game returned allowing our school's large population of special needs students to participate in a basketball game. The game allows these students...

The Gift of Tongues

Lydia Lugo, Co-Editor-In-Chief March 10, 2023

Communication is key to almost everything; relationships, employment, personal life, travel, and especially education. Language credits are required to attain a high school diploma, but there is still...

A dress display in the library showcasing various well known women.

Celebrating the Women of the World

Lola Mills, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

March is a celebration of women’s history that many people may not even realize. There are numerous breakthroughs that women have achieved from earning the right to vote to becoming the person with the...

Athlete Profile: Angelique Trueblood

Makenna Wines, Editor-In-Chief March 10, 2023

Another Viking has risen to make PV history. Recently, senior Angelique Trueblood placed 7th place in women’s wrestling at state, which makes her the first female to not only qualify for state, but to...

Vandalism found in one of the girls bathrooms.

PVHS Bathroom Closures Spark New Discussion

Greta Hauser, Editor March 10, 2023

Around the campus of Pleasant Valley High School, school bathrooms are being vandalized everyday, which is an issue of public safety and common cleanliness. A debate is going around about whether or not...

Staff On The Street: Is there an elective you took in high school that stands out?

Makenna Wines, Editor-In-Chief March 10, 2023

"Typing. I use that skill everyday. I can't imagine not being able to type without looking at the keyboard. It helped in typing essays for college and helps today in my job. It would be so much more difficult...

Editorial- March 2023

Makenna Wines, Editor-In-Chief March 10, 2023

What an eventful year so far! Being the first year without active Covid restrictions, PV has gotten to experience traditions not seen since before quarantine started. Students at PV have gotten to experience...

New Downtown Pakistani Restaurant Receives a Crowd

New Downtown Pakistani Restaurant Receives a Crowd

Greta Hauser, Editor February 10, 2023

After Broadway's Kitchen & Bar closed last year, a new family-run business opened up. According to the new owner of the Pakistani restaurant, Sophiya Ahmed, she believes that we, as people “need...

How Social Media can be One Click Away From Mental Health Issues

How Social Media can be One Click Away From Mental Health Issues

Abigail Harrell, Editor February 10, 2023

As we continue to grow as a society, the usage of social media grows with us. Currently, it is estimated that about 59% of the world's population are active users of social media (this is about 460,200,00...

Cortes de Energía en Chico

Lydia Lugo, Editor February 10, 2023

Con el clima extremo que hemos experimentado este año, hemos experimentado varios cortes de energía. Una corte de energía occure cuando tenemos perjuicio al equipo de generara, transmitir o distribuir...

Young Voters Surge to Vote in Midterms and How it Connects to PV

Lola Mills, Editor February 10, 2023

Elections are what make our democracy. Starting from the age of 18 everyone in the United States has a say in who they wish to be our country’s leader. There are all different types of elections: presidential,...

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