Artist Spotlight

We have many talented artists at PVHS. Here is a spotlight of some who were willing to share some of their pieces, including poems, pictures, sculptures, drawings, paintings, and more!

Parker Hammond
A picture of a white rose taken on an iPhone. (Natalia “Acheron” Bordsen-Napier)
A watercolor painting of a Star Gazer Lily and Forget-Me-Nots. (Natalia “Acheron” Bordsen-Napier)



“This artwork is a cubism project I did in Mr. Tranberg’s Art 1 class. I based it off of someone who was close to me, and added her favorite things and things that reminded me of her in my art. It is one of my favorite pieces because of the vibrant colors and the bold lines.” (Makiah Blackwell)
Cierralyn Lemus
Melbourne Tyler
A digital painting of the sun with an eye with clouds and a sky blue background. (Natalia “Acheron” Bordsen-Napier)


Cara Evans
Breonna Amerson