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The Saga should be an official class on campus. 

Almost a year after the reintroduction of The Saga school newspaper to campus, our club has grown enormously in size and in popularity. Being a part of this club has had the greatest impact on my life, and if they were given the option, I would wholeheartedly encourage students to sign up for The Saga as one of their six classes. Being a part of The Saga has given me a distinct purpose on campus and has truly helped me discover what kind of influence I want to have on campus and on the people around me. Every Saga meeting I am overwhelmed with emotion in seeing my peers collaborating with each other, sharing their thoughts, expressing what’s important to them and becoming enthusiastic and confident about their writing and in themselves. Having an official school newspaper class would be an incredibly beneficial and positive decision for both our student body and our campus. When students are able to express themselves, they radiate a sense of leadership and friendliness that our campus needs. 

Having a club that so heavily relies on self discipline to meet deadlines and management of timelines and work is difficult, especially so when an end product is expected the first Wednesday of every month. A newspaper class would provide a better system for students to manage their responsibilities for the newspaper as one of their classes. A class would additionally provide much more accessibility for students who could not join the club due to conflicting extracurricular activities. 

Though I will graduate before I would have the opportunity to take Saga as a class, I am optimistic that students will continue to achieve amazing things and will always look back to see how students continue to share their voices and practice their publication rights on our campus.


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