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Anthony Vang

PVHS’ annual “We Not Me!” basketball  game was held on February 1st of this year. We Not Me is an annual basketball game and event our schools basketball team holds for our special education department. This event is truly heartwarming to watch. “The We Not Me game is so important for those kids who aren’t usually apart of other school events.” Said Sharlene Esponde. Students get to see the kids who are usually underrepresented in our school have their moment in the spotlight. 

   Throughout the game, viewers witnessed so many different and interesting things happen. At the beginning of the event, we witness practice shots made into many different kinds of baskets. The players did trick shots, dunked, and did many other impressive and cool tricks for the audience. “It was really fun to see the kids really get into the event.” Said Nathan Van Laan, a sophomore. After the practice shots the actual game began. It was so fun to watch the players really enjoy themselves and get into the game. We even got a halftime show performed by the cheerleaders and some of the other special education students! The cheerleaders danced one of their iconic routines and the audience was really good at hyping the performance up,

The players  celebrated in so many different ways. One player would dance and hype up the crowd when his team scored, and another student did a total of 10 flips in a row. Kayla Tyson stated, “I just remember having a really good time at the game and thinking of how nice it was to watch the students really get creative with their celebrations.” 

  Overall, if you haven’t had the chance to watch a We Not Me event, I highly encourage you to try to go next year. It is truly one of the most heartwarming events in our school. 

Anthony Vang
Anthony Vang
Anthony Vang
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