Person on the Street: What is your favorite New Year’s tradition?

“I like hanging out with my friends” – Anna Isherwood, Senior
“I like setting legal fireworks off in the night” – Lauren Flagg, Senior
“I enjoy staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the new year.” – Isaac Smith, Freshman
“My favorite tradition is staying up late and waiting until 12:00.” – Diego Llamas, Freshman
“I like to go camping to celebrate the new year.”- Cole Jones, Junior
“I like to watch fireworks in the middle of the night.”- Robert Foster, Junior
“I like to light fireworks and watch all of the pretty colors.”- Zaylee Wright, Sophomore
“My family and I celebrate the Spanish tradition 12 Grapes.”- Leslie Mendez, Freshman
“I like to stay up until 12 and watch the ball drop as well as think about my New Year’s Resolutions” – Ben Matelavage, Senior