Siblings on Campus Coexist

Siblings on Campus Coexist

How do students feel about having siblings on campus? From students’ perspective many say it is enjoyable to have their family members at school, while others completely ignore them.

In Pleasant Valley High School numerous scholars think it is relieving to have brothers and sisters attend the same school because they help assist with homework and tests. Sophomore Ava Devine displays this when she said, “it is easier to do homework with [her] twin at home” because they “have the same resources”. Having siblings at PV saves Devine from some stress she reports. If Devine did not have relatives at school; it would be harder for her to study for exams. 

Ava Devine (Eliana Truong)

Students also illustrate that they rarely see their siblings on campus. This is mainly due to relatives avoiding each other. Sophomore Ashley Eaton stated that “ignores her [sister] on campus” because she “[has] more important things to be doing”. Junior Chloe Achlins adds on, when she said “[she] drives her to school” and then never sees her on campus. 

Although there may be many differing opinions; it is essentially up to the students to see and use the pros and cons of having relatives at school. Whether it is using family members as personal tutors or completely avoiding them. Students themselves decide how they interact with their family on and off campus.