Staff On The Street: Is there an elective you took in high school that stands out?

In the spirit of staying on a block schedule, PV staff were asked what elective they took in high school that was their favorite, or stood out to them for a particular reason.

“Typing. I use that skill everyday. I can’t imagine not being able to type without looking at the keyboard. It helped in typing essays for college and helps today in my job. It would be so much more difficult planning lessons, labs, and exams if I was a slow typist.” -Mary Brunch

“STS-Students Teaching Students. I got to be an aide for a math class in high school and get elective credits. But instead of being a “tutor” I was in the classroom helping assist a math teacher with small groups and helping students who struggled. Super applicable as a teacher now, I got to pretend to be a teacher and learned I was pretty good at it.” -Katherine Paul

“I was fortunate to take the elective Ecology in high school. Learning about ecosystems, our planet, and our responsibility to maintain them certainly opened my eyes and influenced me in terms of service.” -Amy Besnard

“Art: Sandblasted glass, School Newspaper (Saga)…fun paste ups until 2am each month, Dance (creative individual dances…not couples dances) (PE class)” -Erin Suttles

“ROP Medical at Paradise High School gave me the opportunity to experience various medical careers in my area. My ROP teacher, Mrs. Revilak, even found me a school internship with a speech-language pathologist, which confirmed my thoughts about becoming a SLP. The real life experience helped me to know which major to pick for college.” -Becca Gillander, Speech Language Pathologist

“Driver’s Ed/Health. Yes it sounds dated, but I only graduated 10 years ago and that class helped tremendously in getting me to pass my drivers test. I hear SOOO many students talking about how they failed their permit or driving tests and I think that AT LEAST 1 section of Drivers Ed would be filled if it was offered.” -Nicholas Velarde

“School newspaper! I loved interviewing people around campus, writing up a story, and seeing it in print the next week! I only did it my senior year, but I liked how it made me feel much more connected to my school.” -Kaitlyn Brennan

“I took Spanish while at PV and I loved it so much that I decided to study it in college and become a Spanish teacher. The idea of traveling and communicating with others in a different language was exciting to me. I am forever thankful for my Spanish teacher, Sra. Chrysler, who ignited my love for language learning. She brought the language to life. I also loved taking photography while at PV. I don’t consider myself an artistic person, but Ms. Hopkins made the class fun and interesting. I continue to utilize some of the skills I learned from her class when taking pictures of my family, landscapes, etc.” -Karleigh Neilson

“My favorite elective in High School was Yearbook! The connections and the memories that we made as we literally cut and pasted the pages of the yearbook together (in 1986) have lasted a lifetime!” -Monica Egbert