Young Voters Surge to Vote in Midterms and How it Connects to PV

Elections are what make our democracy. Starting from the age of 18 everyone in the United States has a say in who they wish to be our country’s leader. There are all different types of elections: presidential, state-wide, city-wide, and most recently, midterms. Midterm elections are the elections held halfway through a president’s term that other positions of government are voted upon. 

The most recent midterm election was held in November of 2022. During this time a surge of young voters rushed to get their vote in with the second-highest voter turnout in three decades. Ever since the uproar of the 2020 presidential election more and more people have continued to vote, especially young people. No matter which side they were on, the 2020 election made young people want to have their voices heard and they have continued to do so in the latest midterms.

This newfound interest in voting connects to the voting culture here at Pleasant Valley because of how the teachers push students to vote in elections no matter how big or small. Our teachers at PVHS believe that a students’ most important quality is their voice, and they want it to be heard. A huge way to make sure you’re heard and to be more connected with our country is to vote in its elections. PV’s government teacher, Ms. Burton, believes that a citizen’s “most important responsibility is voting.” And the reason that teachers here at PV “stress the importance of voting to students [is] to demonstrate that individuals DO make a difference.” Due to the media, it is now the easiest way to learn about elections and to form an opinion on what you think is the best way to help our democracy, and the best ways to make sure that happens is to speak up and vote.