Final Exams and AP Tests

PV teachers are taking different approaches to finals and AP/IB testing this year. Some teachers are not even doing finals because of all the additional testing going on, and SBAC English and math scores may count toward college placement.

For example, American Literature Teacher Rochelle Jacks-Garrett will not be assigning a final exam, as her AP testing is on May 12, and then those students will have to do CAASPP/SBAC testing as well.

“Another test at that time of the year seems like cruel and unusual punishment!”

Instead, her students will be writing their own letters of recommendation, one or two UC admission prompts, and “reading some fun short stories and poetry–time permitting.”

To enroll in a GE (General Education) English course, SBAC scores must be a level four, (Standard Exceeded) or level three, (Standard Met) but with a completed 12th grade approved year-long English course with a C- or better.

For a GE Math course, a Standard Exceeded or Standard Met SBAC score with completed 12th grade approved year-long math course beyond Algebra 2 with a C- or better would qualify, as with a Standard Met score with four more years of high school math or QR (Quantitative Reasoning).

Testing formats will also stay with the traditional pencil and paper, except for students who need to test digitally at home or at school. The College Board is also offering some flexibility in the sense that they are allowing this as well as refunds to students who are deciding not to test because of this year’s changing situations across the country.

According to AP coordinator Martha Mayr, “We do have fewer students testing this year and some students taking fewer exams. I’ve heard a variety of reasons. Some students have been expressing they don’t feel prepared due to the different circumstances of instruction this year.”

Helpful tutorial and review videos have also been published through the College Board AP Classroom.