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The Saga

Poems by Jaden Jones


The World of Bastion Falls

The beautiful morning frosty air

Of the young world of Bastion Falls

The sun radiates over the glowing blue skies

The grass is green as the lily pads

Flowing through the stream of Argon

Argon, the city of the blessed

Is home to many angels

The purity of the good and worthy

Flow throughout the kingdom of Argon

Ran by the peacemaker herself known as

Soularis, the Valiant Justice

In the world of good hopes lies

A world of darkness as well

In the dark depths of Bastion Falls

Lies a society known to races of all kinds

In that society lies the villains

The underground world of Bastion falls

Known as Hell’s Breach awoke as the world did

Death and decay sought out chaos amongst

The world of the pure ran by the most horrid

Villain of them all known as Mulzagos, He

Of Many Hands

The world known for its peace throughout

The land has the darkside of every world

For it may be young with the light radiating

So does the darkness as it blooms

So heroes and villains alike

This world wants only of peace

But this can never happen if we don’t

Change for the better when we change

So does the world of Bastion Falls



Elder Dragons Belhumar and Vellanar

In the times of old when dragons

Roamed the blue skies of Bastion Falls

The skies roared of fury as

These mighty beasts clashed in the skies

But there were two dragons known to all

And that is Belhumar, the Hateful and

Vellanar, the Kind

Belhumar was a chromatic dragon known

For pure evil and he would purge worlds

Of hopes and dreams

He would feast on the bones of the fallen

And let his greed consume him as he

Sought out the destruction of the worlds he inhabited

Vellanar was a metallic dragon known as

The very light and justice itself

He would purge worlds of darkness and

The plagued he would cleanse those that

Were in need of his aid

Both dragons are rivals to this very day

As they both now inhabit the world of Bastion Falls

Ready to strike the moment as the other moves

For they are patient and wise when these

Two beasts clash the world itself will shake

Races of all kinds fear this battle

But there is a prophecy that both

Villain and hero alike will either slay the other dragon

In hopes to end the war that was started eons ago

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