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Dancing Under the Stars at Twirps

Anthony Vang

Twirps (The Woman Is Required to Pay) is an annual semi-formal dance that the local high schools all host each year. The tradition of this dance is that the girls are encouraged to ask the boys to be their dates, unlike the average “guys ask girls dance”. Girls spend the weeks leading up to the dance making creative posters and proposals to ask the guys, and it is truly such an exciting and lovable environment. The dance was hosted this past weekend on Saturday, November fourth, in the Varley Gym and the CFA. 

The theme of the dance was “Starry night” and the decorations definitely fit the theme. The entrance was decorated full of stars, each of which had a student who bought a ticket’s name on it. This was a really nice detail that made the dance feel more personalized. The gym was also decorated with many pretty blue streamers and had many colorful lights illuminating the gym. “There seemed to be a lot of thought put into the dance this year.” Stated Zay Brown.  There was a DJ at the dance who played many songs loved by all students. Some notable songs that were played include, Lover (Taylor Swift), Beauty and a Beat (Justin Beiber/ Nicki Minaj), Mamma Mia (ABBA),  Deli (Icespice), and many other fun and upbeat songs. Dance circles were formed, people were chanting, dancing, and even a few crowd surfers. It was really fun to see everybody get out of their comfort zone and dance like nobody was watching!

Another noteworthy part of the dance was how they were playing a movie (Tangled) in the CFA. If you were tired of dancing and loud noises, you could sit in the theater and enjoy the iconic Disney

Anthony Vang

movie with your friends (which they played three times).  River Wilkens said, “ I like that they do movies because you can take a break but still be doing something!” This was such a nice touch, being that some people can get overwhelmed by crowds, loud music, or flashing lights. This just felt super thoughtful and the students were happy to have this touch. 

Overall everybody really seemed to enjoy the dance. Haley Atwood stated, “My favorite part was the theme of the dance, and I thought the way Stugo made the decorations was really cute. The positive environment and good music made the dance special and something to remember.” Twirps is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, have fun with your friends, and dance the night away. If you were not able to attend Twirps this year, definitely consider buying a ticket next year!

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