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Starting the Year Off with a Bloom

Anthony Vang

What a great dance to start 2024 and a new semester off with!  Our PV community took the night away! This dance took place at The Barn at Meriam Park on March 2. It was a chilly night but everyone was dancing it off. Everyone was having a great time with friends and themselves. It’s good to see everyone having fun and living it all.

The place was set up really well and very pretty. Since the theme of the dance was Enchanted Ball, inside it looked like a fairytale. Vines, flowers, a beautiful photo booth, and beautiful lights hung around the barn. Evenee Wastine said, “I liked the lighting, it made my photos very good.” The theme was amazingly well planned, it was a very interesting theme that Stugo came up with.  Along with the set up, the music was very good as well. Everyone had a great time because the music was so great. Everyone was either singing out loud or dancing with the music! Lots of people liked when “The Cupid Shuffle”was on. This song kept everyone moving and having a blast. You would think it’s crazy when you see everything lining up in rows and moving at the same time in the same direction. 

Some people came with dates and some people came with friends. Even if you have a date or not in the end it was still very fun for everyone! Jasmine Hans said, “…”. As stated in her quote, she had a very great time with the people she hung out with. Some people like the time when they were slow dancing with their partners. Zoey Bristine, […] This was very cute; seeing everyone dancing with their partners and having fun is the best.

Anthony Vang

Stugo should be really proud of the dance! It was very well set up and well managed. Everyone was really happy, once you stepped foot in the Barn, everyone will see happy faces and happy laughter. Going out to a dance once in a while is worth the wait. Stugo never disappoints the PV community with dances and their interesting themes. 

This Spring Fling was a great way to give everyone some happiness and excitement. This will add on to many people’s memories and will make people look forward to the next dance coming up the next school year. 

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Shania Thao
Shania Thao, Editor
Shania Thao is a freshman at Pleasant Valley High School. This year is her first time being in the Newspaper Club. She is looking forward to this year and can't wait! Shania Thao is responsible and creative with her work; she loves painting and making arts and crafts. As the person herself, she would love to help and report the news to everyone who doesn’t know the details. Furthermore, Shania would love to help her community come together as one. She’ll work hard this year and do her best to stand up for voices who need help.
Anthony Vang, Photographer
A freshman from Pleasant Valley High School. Anthony Vang is delighted to start his first year in the Saga Newspaper club! He is very bright and tolerant towards his peers and staff members. Anthony makes sure to do his work in a clear and self-sufficient manner, and tries to get his work finished before deadlines. But that doesn't mean he is not willing to help others who are in need of studying or a little tutoring work with their assignments. Anthony loves seeing the bright smiles and laughter of those he can call his friends. Moreover, Anthony wants to help those who aren't so fortunate enough to stand on their own and for the world to hear their voice. If you see Anthony in the hallways or the Quads don't be afraid to say "hello" to him.

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