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December 2023 Editorial- A Booked Holiday Season

As the semester is slowly coming to an end, there seem to be more and more events happening and appearing this winter. With plays, concerts, games, clubs, competitions, and more, we can defiantly agree that PVHS has been booked. What is supposed to be a carefree and relaxed time of the year is turning into a time full of stress, business, and exhaustion.  Though everyone is enjoys and is passionate about what they are involved in, it can defiantly be tough to find that spark during this holiday season. If you are involved in a sport, an art, a music, or another commitment, you are probably finding it stressful to juggle both your commitments and your academics. With finals coming up quick it is for sure an issue for many students. I am for sure an advocate for having the holidays be a fun and stress free time. However, I am involved in so many activities that I can’t seem to find time for myself. This leads me to wonder if any of us really get to truly celebrate the festive season before we have a break.  The answer is most likely no, which is really sad to think about. However, if we all just power through we get a two week break to reset and rewind. Make sure to spend this winter break relaxing yourself and focusing on your mental health and wellbeing before returning to a fast and crazy school schedule!

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