Person on the Street: What is your favorite spring time activity?

“My favorite springtime activity is hiking in Upper Park with my family because all the flowers are in bloom and the weather is really nice.”
-Chloe Alchin, Sophomore (Natalie Chaplin)
“My favorite springtime activity is reading outside because the weather is nice and calming.”
-Amara Ihekwoeme, Senior (Yarah Radaideh)
“My favorite springtime activity is hanging out with my friends outdoors because it’s relaxing.”
-Ethan Lor, Junior (Yarah Radaideh)
“My favorite spring activity is fishing because I’ve spent most of my life fishing with my dad.”
-Ryan McReynolds, Sophomore (Indigo Christenson)
“Staying indoors so the pollen doesn’t get to me!”
-Liam Aiken, Junior (Ethan Besnard)
“Going on hikes.”
-Kyla Campbell, Junior (Anastasia Avdeeva)