PVHS to Stay in AM/PM Model

The CUSD school board determined at a meeting April 7 that the current AM/PM schedule will remain in effect until the end of the year despite the decline of COVID-19 cases throughout the district.

Lacey Coulson, a special ED teacher at PVHS, spoke about how she feels re-adjusting to a normal schedule this year could be a challenge, but consistency is key, and having one-on-one time with her students would be helpful for the transition.

This adjustment is big for all students. Sophomore Alex (Charisma) Bocks said that the current schedule is better for her.

“Personally I would say AM/PM but that’s because I have less of a workload while also being able to work in the mornings, but full time would be good because I would not have to wait a full day to go back to the class.”

Bocks also stated that she feels adjusting to the AM/PM schedule was a good learning experience for her, that allows her learn how to face bigger challenges later in her life.

Teacher Hailey Maxfield-Kowalski has a different view.

Maxfield stated “I think whatever is best for students would be what’s best for teachers too.”

She thinks the decision should be based off the safety and comfort of the students. She said that she believes if the students are happy with the school schedules, then the teacher should find a way to adjust too. She believes that the teachers would be happy so long as their students are.

On April 21, a decision was made about the school schedule for the next 2021-2022 school year. They have decided to go back full time with safety modifications. Many students shared that they are fine with the AM/PM schedule after having to adjust to it, but are also just fine going back to school full time in the fall.