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October 2023 Editorial



As we start to settle into the new school year and let routine sink in, we feel the  weight of the year start to rest on our shoulders. With many classes, homework, and tests on our minds it is best to focus on the positive! So what has happened in the last three months since we have started school? Since its release, Barbie has broken theatrical records. It is a movie about empowerment to women, being true to oneself, and  womanhood in general. The movie has gotten fantastic reviews since its release and is said to be one of the best films to come to our generation. It is so heartwarming to see a film bring so many people, especially women, together. There feels like a tighter bond among women of all generations and backgrounds and the world is loving it. 

Speaking of female empowerment, Olivia Rodrigo released her sophomore album, Guts, in September. The album is described to paint the perfect picture of teenagedom. With songs about love, heartbreak, self love, self envy, and empowerment, it relates to so many girls in our community. 

It feels like the summer and the fall are bringing a multitude of sources of connection and relation to girls around the world. There is a larger sense of community amongst the girls in our school this year. With girls supporting each other and spreading positivity, it feels like a refreshing start to our school year. Hopefully we can continue this cycle of empowering works of art that can continue to bring community and love to our school community!

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