Link Crew Welcomes the Class of 2026

Link Crew is a group of PVHS juniors and seniors who were trained to hold the Freshmen Orientation during summer, before school begins. Once school starts, the Link Crew holds many other events for the freshmen, one of them being the Frosh Tailgate. The Frosh Tailgate is an event held for the freshmen where they can play games and have fun with their friends while enjoying barbecue. This year’s Frosh Tailgate was held on the 29th of September on the blacktop after school.

This year’s Link Crew consists of PVHS juniors and seniors who had been chosen by the advisors of the crew. The Link Leaders had a 3-day long training during the summer for the Freshman Orientation, where the Freshmen came to PV and got to know the school, meet other freshmen, and experience some of what PV is all about. Link Leader Gurleen Kaur voiced her thoughts on how Link Leaders have helped freshmen, stating, “I think we really help them, especially on the first day of school. A lot have asked for help getting around campus, so I think we were able to do our job and be there for them.” Throughout the year, Link Crew holds different events to either check up on the freshmen or help them throughout their freshman year of high school. The first one to be held so far this year is the Frosh Tailgate.

Makenna Wines

The Frosh Tailgate is an event where freshmen can meet up with their Link Crew leaders and ask questions or talk about their school year so far, along with spending time with their friends and having fun. When questioned about the Frosh Tailgate, senior and Link Leader David Sorenson states, “It’s a good way to give them a first look at the fun part of high school.” The Frosh Tailgate is something that PVHS has held many times before, each year for the new freshmen of PV. When asked before the event about her thoughts or if she will attend, freshman Olive Ernest shared, “I think it sounds fun and I might be attending as long as it doesn’t affect my extracurriculars.”

The impact of Link Crew is something that is important every school year, something David Sorenson agrees with, stating, “The Link Leaders create the environment for the freshmen, we are the first people they meet, and we help make a positive aura for them.” Link Crew can also come with some benefits, something Sorenson appreciates, “It looks good for college, and we get to meet the underclassmen and influence them in positive ways.”