Skyrocketing Heat Wave Hits Chico

On September 4th Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) released an alert to citizens’ phones preparing them for the possible heat-related power outages. PG&E asked all citizens to reduce energy use from 4 pm to 9 pm, and they also put out an excessive heat wave warning until the Thursday of that week due to an unusually strong heat dome that made its way across the western part of the US, covering all of California. This caused the air to become very dry, and sent the state into the triple digits where we saw record-breaking heat. The highest temperature recorded in California is 119 and the highest in Chico was about 117. Pleasant Valley as a whole had experienced difficulties during the heatwave with the heat. Sport practices had to be pushed back, football games had to start later than they normally would to allow players to play in a cooler climate, and PVHS’s own football homecoming got pushed back by two weeks to combat the heat. Chico hopes for cooler temperatures as we head into the fall.