Person On The Street: Spirit Days

Do you like spirit weeks? What is your favorite spirit day? What is your favorite part about spirit weeks? Do you have a suggestion for a future dress-up theme?

I dress up when I remember, but when I do it’s really fun. -Marlee Zeppi (9th grade)


Every week should be spirit week, I love it! -Mark Cooley (math teacher/varisty football coach)

Neon Day (9/30) (Makenna Wines)

I dress up everyday- Thailand Braoaeway (9th grade)


Letter Day (when a letter is picked and we all dress up as something that starts as the letter.) -Isabelle Martinez 9th grade

Teen Beach Tuesday (9/6) (Makenna Wines)


I love seeing people dress up and how creative they get, anything but a backpack day was super fun. -Holly Taylor (piano teacher)


Pajama Day -Namisha Sharma (9th grade)

BBQ Dads vs Soccer Moms (9/27) (Greta Hauser)


Ideas for future dress-up days:
-Who let the dog’s out day ( when we all wear flip-flops-NO SOCKS)
-Meme Day
-Music Character Day