Senior Cheerleaders

Carli Rosenquist, Kaylea Lindley and Sarah Grace Arington are the only three senior cheerleaders on the PVHS cheer team this year out of about 33 girls. The senior trio has been cheerleading together all four years of high school and they were excited that their sport was given the green light to practice and perform under COVID-19 restrictions. However what they did not expect was that they would finish their final cheer season as the only three seniors on the team.

“We are the only seniors because everyone else decided to move on with a job or maybe it just wasn’t a good fit for their senior year,” said Rosenquist.

Left to right: Kaylea Lindley, Sarah Grace Arington and Carli Rosenquist (Molly Brown)

While many senior cheerleaders had to quit this season, Rosenquist, Lindley and Arington wanted to participate for their final high school cheer season, even if it wasn’t the most traditional.

Though they were as much as four years older than some of the lower classmen cheerleaders, the senior trio shared that they never felt out of place on the team. “It was really nice because the other two seniors and I were really good friends and we already had a good bond going into it and we work really well together,” said Arington.

Lindley said that she feels like a role model for the younger girls on the team. She explained that she thinks the three seniors have “helped [the lower classmen] by always being there for them…always offering advice and encouragement.”

Rosenquist, Lindley and Arington reflect on their past four years at PVHS and express nothing but gratitude for their cheer coaches and teammates. Rosenquist shared that “PVHS cheer is held to very high standards” which has taught her to “show respect and kindness and be [a] good role model on and off campus.”

Throughout her years on the team, Lindley has found a group of people that she considers family. She said “the people on the team and coaches have encouraged and motivated me.” Arington is going to miss the fun car rides to competitions and her coaches the most. The trio wants to encourage anyone interested in trying out for the cheer team next year to do so in the Fall of 2021.