Person on the Street-Sports

“What are you going to miss most about sports at PVHS?”

“I’m going to miss most the connection between the students and the coaches and the community built around the athletes.” -Evelyn Allen (Maya English)
“Our lifestyle. It’s a family, it’s a brotherhood, like were aren’t just friends. It is nothing like you can describes, it’s an extended family, it’s something different.” -Austin Payne (Maya English)
“I’m going to miss the people. I’m going to miss the environment. Just playing high school sports is so much fun, all the people around you make it a great time.” -Gabe Estabrook (Maya English)
“The community,. Everyone coming to the games, supporting us, a filled student section. Everyone running on the field even if we lose a game. That’s probably the best part about playing sports.” -Ethan Alexander (Maya English)