September Selfie Contest: What Do We Have in Common?

We are back to school this year and things are running a lot different than last year as we are back full time and wearing masks! Teachers are excited to see their students more often. What do you have in common with your teachers?

“We have the same last name because we’re related!”
-Mrs. Bruch (Science) with freshman Kaleb Bruch and sophomore Mica Bruch (Michelle Martin)
“We both root for the Giants and like Ranch dressing on our pizza.”
-Mrs. Rollins (Science) and junior Angelique Trueblood (Michelle Martin)
“We have mutual friends outside of school.”
 -Ms. Hopkins (Art) and seniors Jordy Reese and Abby Egbert 
“We are English language learners and successful in school.”
-Sr. Jaime-Arellano (Spanish) with Seniors Maria Santacruz, Gianna Solis and Marvin Jimenez and sophomore Jostin Villalobos 
“We are rockers!”
-Ms. “Monty” Montgomery (History) with sophomore Jacob Lasher 
“We are all Giants Fans.”
-Junior Jacob Kuykendall, with counselors Jessica Isern, Jada Wysocki, and Melisa Plants and Vice Principal Renee Spaggiari 
“Both of us are Call of Duty ballers.” 
“Our favorite color is blue…of course! You can see we are also both blondes.”
-Mrs. Garrett (English) and junior Alex Ewing 
“We are from So-Cal.”
-Mrs. Burton (History) and senior Jazz Angelucci 
“We have a passion for polka dots.”
-Senior Hayley Meyer and Mrs. Burton (History)