Track Begins at PV


Track season has begun, and many students on campus have been looking forward to competitions. Track is where students can participate in running events (including relays, short distance, long-distance), as well as jumping or hurdling events. 

Senior Tryon Jardin participates in multiple aspects of track, including long-distance and relays. He is looking forward to “having a full season…the last two years have really only been partial seasons, which means we really haven’t been able to fully compete since freshman year.”

Senior Gabby Mino, who joined track this year, says her favorite part of track is “the people,” because “everyone is encouraging and very welcoming.” She is motivated to come to track every single day because, “it is one of the largest sports on campus.” Additionally, she is looking forward to “trying out new events and cheering on my friends.”

Senior Renton McGregor, in his third year of track, explains that he enjoys the meets the most to hang out with his peers. This season he wishes “to make it to state before graduation.”

Ryan Teesdale, the JV boys track and field coach, claims this year he is looking forward to a “full track team,” since last year he had to “deal with other sports and the team was cut short.” He explains that this year the teams are going to face “Sacramento, Redding, and San Francisco.” This year, the track team will compete against all of the schools and locations they faced prior to COVID, giving the team more opportunities to excel and succeed.

PVHS track brings our school another year for competitions, and a great team of runners. This season will be the last for many of the seniors, but after years of extenuating circumstances, this season will be the first full season since 2018. It is a season to keep up with.