Editorial- March 2021

Welcome to the return of The Saga school newspaper!

Here at The Saga, we believe that every one of the student voices is essential. As a community, we treat one another with respect, we recognize and embrace our differences and we speak out against injustices. Having a school newspaper enables students to represent our community and gives the students the opportunity to have a say about pivotal issues in society. Though they are young, the PVHS students know that they have the capabilities to make effective change. Writers for The Saga are hoping to make an impact with their stories and testimonies and are dedicated to further advocating for themselves and their communities.

The last year Pleasant Valley High had an official student-run newspaper was in 2012. Since then, the world has experienced a global pandemic, devastating wildfires, and thousands of social and racial justice protests and movements. Our school needs outlets: places for students to share their thoughts, to discuss these important issues with their peers and to feel heard by their faculty. The Saga is not only important for the students involved, who can develop their writing and collaborative skills, but also for their fellow student body and communities as a whole. Providing students with these opportunities for expression will help give them the voice and influence in their school that they deserve. Whether the reporters from The Saga newspaper are reporting on school events, mental health resources in the library, sports or new on-campus and community programs for people of color representation, they are all collectively working to drive positive change throughout our campus and to give all students a voice.