Editorial- November 2021

On Monday, November 8, PVHS students commemorated the third anniversary of the Camp Fire with a daffodil mural to symbolize rebirth and hope. This issue, The Saga aims to help those affected by the 2018 Camp Fire share their stories as we look back on a day when thousands of lives were changed forever. Now, more than ever, it is important to reflect on the events that change us and use them to help us grow. The Paradise Camp Fire survivors have shown extraordinary growth and resilience in the past three years, and it is imperative that we share their narratives to help unite our community of people from all backgrounds. Our hope is that these stories will inspire others to reflect on the moments that change them, and recognize how much they have grown from them. The changing colors of Fall symbolize a passage of time, and though it is important that we remember our old wounds, we are able to also see hope. This month we want to serve as a forum for students to connect with each other, learn about events and activities on campus and continue this growth together as a viking family and community.