Teachers Vote to Implement Block Schedule

Courtesy of Chico High’s Website

After Chico High’s implementation of a block schedule last school year, much debate has been circling around the adoption of a block schedule at PVHS as well. Rumors are spreading rapidly, and it is difficult to discern the truth about what students should expect. On January 25th, PVHS teachers took a final vote on the block schedule dilemma which, if agreed upon, will take action in the 2022-23 school year.

The vote for the block schedule closed on January 25th, at 5:00 pm. For the vote to pass, at least 85% of the teachers needed to vote to pass the block schedule. The news was released to students the next day that the vote did indeed pass, with 93.5% of teachers voting to try it next year. Future action will take place to create a schedule that accommodates both the concerns of staff and the needs of the students.

The block schedule PVHS teachers and staff are looking at is an eight-class schedule, where students would attend four classes per day, alternating between periods 1-4 and 5-8.

Switching to this schedule gives students the opportunity to fit more electives into their school day. For example, AP students will be able to take elective classes that they otherwise would not have been able to fit in with the current bell schedule.

Students who are interested in the chance to take an extra science or math class to make their transcripts for their college application more impressive. Along with that, some students take intervention classes in addition to their core classes and don’t have room for electives. For students who have failed one or more classes, it also allows them to catch up on credits without having to attend summer school or sign up for an online class.

Another reason why PVHS is considering the block schedule is that California high schools will require students to take an additional class in the upcoming years. This would increase graduation requirements, and the five credit cushion our school gives would be gone.

Currently, in order to graduate, students must have completed 235 credits out of 240. The extra class California is rumored to be an ethical studies class. If required with our current schedule, students would need to complete all of their 240 credits, meaning that students would not be able to fail any of their classes or have the opportunity to recover from failing a semester.

Conflicts with schedules surrounding sports are areas of worry too but Ryan Teesdale, a history teacher, shares, “Teachers are working to make schedules flexible for athletes as well!”

Currently, there are two considerable options.

The first is a schedule similar to Chico High, where students would have alternating days between periods 1-4 and then 5-8.


Here is an example of a schedule from Chico High student, Annie Gonzales (freshman):
Red Days                                                Gold Days:
Per 1: IM-2                                            Per 1: Honors English
Per 2: Spanish 1                                   Per 2: Academic Success
Per 3: Film Appreciation                   Per 3: PE
Per 4: Art Studio 1                               Per 4: Biology


“The second option includes the addition of an “Anchor Day”, where students would “attend all eight classes” one day each week,” said Teesdale, “It is also possible for the Anchor Day to begin at a later time, similar to the current late-start Wednesdays.” 

Despite all the unknowns, two things can be for certain: 1) PVHS will institute the block schedule next year, and 2) Our teachers and principal are working very hard to create a schedule that will benefit PVHS and its students.