PVHS Offers Free Covid-19 Testing On Campus


COVID-19 cases have begun to surge again, and Pleasant Valley High school has initiated the process of screen-testing conducted by the school. When a student is sensing that they may have symptoms of COVID-19, they are encouraged to come to the office to get tested for the virus. This efficient technique allows staff to be able to contact trace in order to identify and isolate people who are, or have been in contact with COVID. Students and Staff that are currently unvaccinated are at the greatest risk for infection, which makes on-campus testing become effective in reducing the number of cases. 

Julie Scalet is Pleasant Valley’s School nurse, who has done an admirable amount of effort in helping students to overcome the pandemic. Scarlet informs, “Covid testing is available to all students and staff on Monday and Friday from 7:40-10:00 and on Wednesday from 1:00-4:15. They should be available indefinitely!” This testing is done in the administration building conference room near the counseling department. 


Since these tests have become available, Scalet says, “Anywhere from 20-40 on average” get tested per day. However, that does not mean that one has to wait in long lines. Scalet explains, “rapid tests which give results in 15 minutes… the person being tested swabs each nostril and hands the swab to the tester to complete the test”. Nevertheless, a student should register in advance when they want to take a test. Scalet says, “ [that] registration is required, but you can simply scan the QR code at the door and you only have to register one time. So if you need additional tests you do not have to re-register. Testing is free to all students and staff!”

There has also been a question on how long one should quarantine for, depending on if they are vaccinated or not. Scalet announces, “If a person tests positive they must quarantine for 10 days from the onset of symptoms regardless of vaccination status. You have the option to test on your 5th day of quarantine for a possible return on day 6 as long as you are feeling better, the test is negative, and you wear your mask indoors and outdoors for the full ten days of quarantine”. If a student still has a positive result, they are required to quarantine for a longer time. Scalet emphasizes, “This is very important, please write your name and the date on negative tests and take a picture if you want to be able to come back early! You must show these results to one of the ladies in the office if you want to be clear to return. No need to bring in the actual test, just take a picture on your phone to show to the office.” Though it is important to note that if a student completes their ten-day quarantine, a negative test is not required to return. Granted that if one still feels ill, they are advised to stay at home, not only for their own safety but all students and staff.

If students plan to take a Covid test at school, they must remember that tardy slips are not given for testing, so plan on coming in before school on Monday and Friday or after school on Wednesdays. Students are strongly encouraged to get tested at the first sight of symptoms. School testing is advantageous because it gives families added reassurance that schools will remain open, and ensure not just the quality of education, but also the provide safety of our community.