New Hobbies

The worldwide pandemic beginning in March 2020 has continuously impacted everyday activities and hobbies. Some people have even found new interests, passions, and hobbies through their time spent in isolation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away so many things from people of all ages, but it has also given them the opportunity for change through everyday tasks. Being six feet apart at all times has become the “new normal” and in turn, adults and children have had to give up many passions such as sports, social activities, and even future career possibilities. It is important to acknowledge what has been taken away so people can focus on the new things that will be brought upon them, like rediscovering old hobbies or creating new ones.

“With putting more and more value into cross country skiing and fly fishing I have been able to get outside, Covid free, which requires focus off my screen, and it requires me to blend into something bigger than me by connecting and be present to where I am as a person,” said Douglass Hesse, a PVHS English teacher.

“I got into painting! It kinda allows my mind to go somewhere else and allows me to zone out from the stresses of the world and school,” said sophomore, Avery Hoffman.

“I got into mechanics and doing things like working on cars,” said sophomore Alex Ewing.

Without this pandemic, people would not have had the free time to discover who they are, figure out what they enjoy doing, or even how much they have noticed their own personal growth of this shift in focus (in terms of hobbies and activities).

Hoffman said, “Painting allows me to express myself because you get to pick what you want to paint and it isn’t someone telling you what you can and can’t do. You are able to express your feelings through your painting”.

Finding new hobbies to love is a healthy way to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when these hobbies are out of the ordinary to the person trying them for the first time. Throughout these new found hobbies, stress has been reduced and self growth has been found in various situations. Hesse explains how he has been able to shrink his stress, or in better words manage it. “I get lost in my passions and hobbies whether that’s cross country skiing, playing guitar, teaching literature, or fly fishing and I’m able to go to a place without fear and worry”, said Hesse.

It is so important to find these safe spaces to de-stress and be with yourself for these quick moments in life. Knowing these techniques will help you manage any stress you may feel. Hesse shares his experience with dealing with stress, “I think stress is always there but good passions and hobbies help us manage the stress in ways such as finding a realistic balance of things. It is like an outlet and I have seen self-betterment.”

Hobbies are an excellent source of self-expression and stress reduction without having to explain certain emotions in words. The space created when doing these hobbies can be felt as a calming and soothing state where stress dissipates. The best thing about hobbies is that there is a huge variety of passions that a person can choose from. A question to think about is what are some of your favorite hobbies, and how has COVID influenced your lifestyle choices? Remember, when one door closes, another one opens. Take the extra step to find something you are passionate about.