Poem: She That Seeks Peace

Guest writer Junior Jaden Jones is a student in Rochelle Garrett’s English class. He often writes fiction and this is his first poem.

As you rest your head to sleep

The rolling of darkness consumes your eyes

With the bright moonshine

Soulas, the Keeper of Dreams, awakes from her slumber

For she sees all that sleep

As the moon was high

And the dark skies fly

Soulas sought out a person that dreamed of peace

She stumbles upon a little boy named Johnny

Who dreamed of famine

Soulas, with disapproval, moves to the next

She then finds a little girl named Mary

Mary did not dream of peace

But of disease

As the sun rises in the cold mountain city of Ardmore

Soulas leaves in hopes of finding peace

She then travels halfway across the world to find a city called Argon

Soulas finds a man named Jack who dreamed of war

She then leaves in hopes to find peace

She then finds a woman named Gracy that dreamed of peace

At last peace or so Gracy thought

Soulas opens her monstrous mouth as she consumes the dream of peace

And turns a dream of peace into a

NIGHTMARE filled with horror and the deceased

As Soulas found that sliver of peace she fell asleep

And awoke as Zathra, she that Consumes Dreams

So don’t dream of peace

For she shall seek thee