PVHS Invites you to the Wellness Center and Whisper Rooms

Mental health is an aspect of life many keep on the backburner. After these past few years, it has become blatantly apparent that this is a habit that needs to be broken. A step in the right direction is to have someone, or somewhere, you can freely talk about yourself. That is where Whisper Rooms are able to help.

Taken by Asha Lal

PV’s new Whisper Room is where students are able to come in and speak individually with a counselor, Mrs. Diana LeBlanc. The Whisper Room is made to be a comfortable place to talk in private, so everything said within the room is completely confidential*. However, confidentiality and comfort is not limited to the Whisper Room. The Wellness Center, where the Whisper Room is located, is a safe space for students as well.

Diana LeBlanc, the Wellness advisor, said that the Whisper Room’s purpose is to “have a therapeutic session within the wellness center. [It’s] more of a private space if somebody is utilizing the wellness center.”

Whatever is said within the Wellness Center is confidential* but the Whisper Room is to help provide a more personal environment for students to help take some weight off their shoulders; it is a safe place for students to take a break from school and center themselves.

The Wellness Center is currently located on the left of the library, L-1, but next year will transfer to room H-5 . Students are able to make appointments, but walk-ins are welcome as well. If a student communicates with a teacher about needing to visit the Wellness Center, they may be excused from class with an excused absence to take care of themselves. Alternatively, a student may visit the center or the Whisper Room during all school hours, including lunch.

Taken by Asha Lal

The Wellness Center is an excellent place for students to step away from the stress of school and take a moment to care for themselves.

“[It] is a very positive thing for students to have this opportunity,” states math teacher Monica Egbert, “and a place to go so that they can gather themselves together before they go back in front of their peers. Students really need that.”

While school is important, so is the maintenance of mental health, and Whisper Rooms are a perfect place to talk about the stresses of life. All students are encouraged to take care of themselves, which may start by visiting the Whisper Room.

*The exception is if a student communicates that someone is hurting them, they want to hurt someone, or they want to hurt themselves.

Contact information: Diana LeBlanc – [email protected]