Person On the Street: What is your favorite winter movie/song/recipe?

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For most people, it’s hard not to be, with all of the Christmas music playing months before the actual holiday, the creative recipes that can bring people together, and the movies that over the years have become heartwarming family traditions to watch over the holiday season. Here’s some of the favorite holiday elements that PV students love the most. 

“I really like Elf.”

-Mara Murphy

“I’m going to say Elf.”
-Krisbel Delgado (Makenna Wines)
“My mom makes these mints every year…it’s like 90% powdered sugar and like a little bit of oil, or something, and those are just so good.” -Katherine Melanchuk (Makenna Wines)
“Any song of ‘Christmas’ by Michael Bublé.” -Lydia Lugo (Makenna Wines)
“Nightmare Before Christmas is mine.”
-Aryanna Benitez (Makenna Wines)
“My favorite movie’s…The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” -Kayla Johnson (Makenna Wines)
“There’s a lot of good Christmas movies, but there is Santa Buddies, about all the puppies, and Santa Paws. Those are good!” -Amelia Melanchuk (Makenna Wines)
“Snow and Heat Miser is my favorite song, it’s my favorite song, it’s so catchy.”
-Gabriel Coscolluela (Makenna Wines)
“I would go with ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ with Michael Bublé…I love Michael Bublé.” -Erica Figueroa  (Makenna Wines)
“I like our eggnog recipe and our cheesecake recipe.” -Damian McHugh (Makenna Wines)