Are We Better Off Using Technology at School?



“I think having technology in class is a good idea. Students will have more resources available on whatever they may be working on and it will gradually improve the way they complete their work. This is also a good idea because their family may need to contact them for a variety of different and important reasons but without technology being allowed in class, they may be stressed or unable to think in class.”

 Daneigh Moss


“I think it’s good and bad because it gives you access to more information. I also like using paper though because writing things down helps me to remember.”

Junior Angelique Trueblood 


“It’s not bad. Except if the wifi doesn’t work, nothing works at all.”

Cooper Rease


“Obviously, since our world is filled with technology we wouldn’t be preparing you for your future if we didn’t have this in your education. Also we are very fortunate to be in a place that’s affluent and we have chromebooks, desktops, viewsonic’s, projectors, and wifi. All that said, it can be frustrating when our tech doesn’t work the way we want it and it can be hard to keep up with what the tech can do.”

Martha Mayr