New Schedule on Sleep Schedules

Change your alarms! Both PV and Chico High have adopted new school schedules this year that shift not only start times forward but release times as well. How has the new school schedule affected you and your sleep?

School used to start around 7:30 and end at 2:32. Now, school begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:32. With the new schedule, there have been many questions going around campus about how this new schedule has affected the amount of sleep students receive and how that is affecting their performance in class.

When asked about the amount of sleep students are getting right now, Junior Jesse Gonzalez said, “I would say at least 7-8 hours of sleep.”  Of which he also adds has stayed the same since the old schedule.

While Junior Payton Hartman-Magnani said, “I get a reasonable amount of sleep compared to a lot of students, but on average probably about 7 hours.” She also mentioned that, with the new schedule, she has been able to get more sleep since before which is something that she enjoys. 

Contrary to those who sleep in with the new schedule, there are students that get to school at the same time as before. These students get significantly less sleep than others. 

 “I still wake up at the same time as I did before because my dad has to get to work, so I get to school around 7:30 am,” shared Jimena Esparza-Hernandez, a junior.

Junior Grace Halderman also has a similar situation as she lives in Oroville. Spanish teacher Señora Marcelle Gregoire also mentioned that she gets to school around 6:45 to 7:00 because she feels more productive in the morning and has continued to since the new schedule.

Starting later means more sleep for some and hasn’t changed sleeping habits for others. Although, the new start time has allowed more time for students to prepare themselves for the day. Early birds on campus can finish homework in the library when it opens at 8:00am or catch up with friends in the halls before the school day kickstarts.

But what do students have to say about getting out of school so late? 

Esparza-Hernandez said that she wouldn’t mind keeping the schedule the same but she doesn’t like how we get out until 3:32 because she “feels like the day is over already.”

Students in band have practice on Tuesdays and they don’t get out until 9, making it almost impossible for them to finish homework. When and if they do complete their homework, they suffer lack of sleep and this causes them to perform badly in class. The same goes for student athletes and students who have a job.

There is a mix of opinions about the schedule with some being positive and others being negative. Many issues revolving around the new schedule are minor and in regards to the later release time. Overall, this new change is just something that needs some time adjusting to.