Sports Profile: Rosa Krabbenhoeft

Makenna Wines, Designer

Rosa Krabbenhoeft, a senior foreign exchange student from Denmark, is an example of someone not only new to tennis but also new to PV. Krabbenhoeft commented how tennis is “really fun, and the girls on the team are really sweet…I’ve won all games but one, against Chico.” Krabbenhoeft recalled that she joined the tennis team because “the coach actually came up to me when I was in PE, and asked me if I wanted to join.” Tennis is not the only sport Krabbenhoeft plays. In addition to tennis, Krabbenhoeft mentioned that “I play soccer back in Denmark, and I want to try out…I’m a big soccer person.” Krabbenhoeft wanted to become an exchange student because she said “I think it’s fun exploring other people’s culture, and like, practicing my English.” After high school, Krabbenhoeft wishes to finish business school that she had started in Denmark.