New Sophomores Eat Off Campus

Finally able to go off campus for lunch? Here are some suggestions from your upperclassmen on the best and most delicious nearby restaurants.

Ethan Lor, Staff Writer

To all the sophomores, congrats! You are finally a sophomore and can go off campus! 

A whole new world awaits, snacks, drinks, the boba drinks from Gelayo, and most importantly you can chill out with friends before you go back to class. 

Now that you are a sophomore, where should you go? Well, there’s your local Subway, the well-known McDonalds, then everyone’s favorite pizza spot Celestino’s.  Have you ever looked around and seen people with different food that seems to be not offered around PVHS? Well, let me tell you a few restaurants nearby that you can easily travel there and back all within one lunch period. Chipotle, located on East Avenue by Donut Nook offers a mobile order and pickup option. For those who drive or have friends that drive, an alternative for waiting in line is ordering on the Chipotle website during passing period, and picking it up through the drive-through at lunch. 

You walk off campus for lunch! Now what? This is a bit of a tip from one of your fellow classmates when it comes to buying food from the nearby establishments.

Junior Nico Trujillo recommends that “everyone head to Safeway to grab chicken strips and not get the Sushi as it doesn’t taste as good.”