Butte County Fall Festivities Begin

Whenever Autumn comes around, people get excited. It is the season of sweaters, hot drinks, and rainy days. With the season of autumn, comes some fun festivities, mostly within the last two weeks of October, in celebration of Halloween. It is important to mention that while this year many things are back open, take careful precaution when it comes to large social gatherings for these celebrations. With this in mind, there are many events around Chico that will inspire the spookiest of moods.


A very common activity to do during this time is carve pumpkins. There are a few famous hot spots for picking out a pumpkin to carve that are only a short drive away. AP Calculus teacher Valerie Barber reminisced about how her family “would go to Book family farm” for the pumpkin patch. Peterson Sisters and Bishop’s family farm are two excellent pumpkin patches as well. Another famous pumpkin patch is Country Pumpkin, which has more than just pumpkins.


The haunted corn maze is an additional event that takes place at Country Pumpkin. It is exactly what it sounds like, a field of corn with horrifying scenes and lurking creatures just waiting to jumpscare an unsuspecting passerby. At the end, there is a stand for food and drinks, and there’s even a spot to take photos to commemorate surviving the chainsaw man. It’s perfect for someone who wants to go solo or who wants to bring a large group of friends. 


If the haunted corn maze and pumpkin patches are not of interest, the traditional trick-or-treating activity is always a perfect go-to. Buying costumes from Halloween Spirit and going out to get candy from different houses is a fantastic way to spend the night of Halloween. “I do recommend trick-or-treating around Hancock Park because they give full blown candy bars,” keenly stated Senior, Patsy Wilcox. Trunk-or-Treat is another event that used to take place in Chico. This is where trick or treaters, often children, would go from trunk to trunk getting candy. Whether it is a door or trunk, free candy is all the same. 


Above all, staying home is always a relaxing fall back activity. Popcorn, candy, and movies are an easy way to celebrate Halloween. Senior Isabella Beekman often invites friends over and watches movies with her friends. “I get to spend time with my friends on Halloween and that’s what matters.” She does not limit herself to watching scary movies,She also watches movies that are satirical, sad, or even silly. Watching movies can be enjoyed in a group or alone, but regardless, it is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an evening. 


Halloween festivities this year can be enjoyed from the safety of the home, to the daunting fields of corn. Chico is active in holiday events, and always has something to partake in. But if not, there is always something at least a few miles out of town, which can lead to an exciting adventure! While it is exciting to have these events return, please take appropriate precautions. It is also recommended not  to stay out too late as Halloween falls on a Sunday night this year. Happy Halloween!