PV Students Dress to Impress

Ashley Eaton, Staff Writer

Spooky month is rolling around, and people are beginning to prepare costumes, whether they are going to be scary or just funny. Because of the emergence of pop culture, the costume-wearing part of the holiday has evolved to include any character that a person may like, rather than just a ghost or ghoul.

Those among the more creative Trick-or-Treaters will combine these two elements. Sophomores Elizabeth Hodges and Madelyn Cashman are planning a duo costume, in which they will play Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg from Resident Evil: Village.

Madelyn explained why she chose her character. “He’s attractive, and I like his outfit. I’ve already ordered the hat and the coat, but I’m still waiting for the dog tag and the boots.” With so many orders backed up this year because of COVID-19, remember to either order now or check out costumes that can be bought in store.

Hodges only had a simple reason for their costume:
“She just has such a big hat, you know?” Hodges added in a trance-like state.

Hodges bought theirs at Spirit Halloween, the best store for costumes and props that seems to appear every year around this time. This year, it’s located at the Chico Marketplace. It’s always full of fun and freaky animatronic displays and walls aligned with costume pieces. Even if someone has no interest in buying anything, simply walking around and gawking at their selection is time well spent.

Sienna Dias won’t need to do too much fancy shopping for her costume this year. She plans on putting on a more classic show for the night. “I’m gonna be a vampire,” she shared. “I’ve just always wanted to be a vampire.” To be a vampire, just put in a pair of fake fangs and a bit of fake blood, and it’s ready to go. Maybe carry around a chalice of cranberry juice for good measure.

If one is lacking inspiration for what to wear, it’s always an option to look back at some of the most popular costumes from previous years. Megan Moural, a freshman, put on a suit and her best news anchor impression and played the part of Carl Azuz, host of CNN 10. “We would do quick writes every morning [in english] and I’d always write mine about Carl Azuz. About a month in, [the teacher] banned the word Carl Azuz from the class. So I showed up as Carl Azuz and he didn’t talk to me for the whole period,” she explained.

Dressing up isn’t the only part of Halloween that makes it so fun. Lots of students plan huge parties before they go out onto the streets for Trick-or-Treating. Sophomore Sarah Alba, however, anticipates a more relaxed night. “I am having a get-together at my friend’s house,” she says simply. “We’re going to watch movies, give candy to Trick-or-Treaters, [and watch] Halloween movies, like Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland.”

There are countless ways a person can get in the spooky spirit this October. Invite some friends over to watch the classics, or plan a cosplay group to tour the neighborhood. Whether it’s desperately searching eBay for the parts needed for a costume, or taking a single round-trip to Spirit Halloween, there will no doubt be a wide variety of personas on campus this year for Halloween. As per school rules, please keep gore to a minimum and avoid bringing objects resembling weapons.