Person On The Street: What Was Your Favorite Class?


“I like different classes for different reasons. I like going to Mrs. Besnard’s class because the mix of people  makes the class entertaining. Mr. Vought, himself, is very entertaining. Mr. Hesse has a small class and is very nice.” -Ryan Daughtery (senior)


My favorite class is AP Bio because the teacher is really nice and I like the subject.” – Sahil Gaikwad (senior)













AP research because you get so much on what I want to study and there is a lot of flexibility in this class present in other classes.” – Omoefe Odiase (senior)


AP research because you get so much freedom to write about anything you feel you better assimilate with” -Courtney Eaton (senior)


“I think honestly Mrs. Besnards class was my favorite because every single time we went to class, she had something fun and interesting prepared. Also, none of the assigned work was busywork” -Ashiya Vasudeva (Senior)